What are the traits of a double Scorpio?

The Sun, Moon and Ascendant are considered the most important factors in a chart. When two of these are in the same sign a person is considered a "double" of that given sign. The traits of the doubled sign are likely to be more apparent in the personality.

When someone speaks of being a "double Scorpio" (actually any sign of the Zodiac could be substituted for Scorpio) it is another way of saying that both the Sun and The Moon were in the same Sign at the moment of birth. This would always happen for a birth exactly at the New Moon, for example, and on either side of the New Moon for the period of time that the Moon remains in the same sign as the Sun.

The birth (natal) chart would show that the Sun and the Moon share the same Sign -- Scorpio in our example. The implications of such an arrangement would be a relatively congruous combination of the anticipated energies.

The Sign placement of the Sun suggests the general energetic focus of life purpose, the end to which we feel driven. The Moon represents the character of our psychological needs -- what we need on an emotional level in order to feel fulfilled.

So when we have both the Luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) in the same Zodiac Sign, we would expect a highly focused energy, a relatively well-defined direction that the individual will be inclined to follow during his or her lifetime.

Returning again to our Scorpio example, we would anticipate that the individual would use their energy in an intense pursuit of knowledge and control and would probably experience extreme peaks and valleys along the way. Emotionally, intense is again the operative word. Needing to be in control and make an emotional impact is so important.

When the Luminaries share the same sign, we see arguably the two most important points in the Horoscope operating along very much the same lines. It gives us a sense of relatively "pure" astrological energies.

For a moment, let's pretend hypothetically that an individual existed where not just the Sun and the Moon, but ALL THE PLANETS were in the same sign. Whatever that Sign, can you imagine that the focus would be so extreme without the opportunity to tone down, complement, or balance some of this extreme emphasis with other components of the chart.

One of the astrologer's jobs is to help the client integrate all the individual tendencies and motivations into the strongest and most productive combination of influences consistent with their potential.

Famous double Scorpio

Laura Jane Grace, Björk, Katy Perry, Louis Malle, RuPaul, Bram Stoker, Georgia O'Keefe, Peaches, Seth MacFarlane, Ryan Reynolds, Whoopi Goldberg, Mads Mikkelsen...

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